Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Thieving ladies

Long time no see! What happened..? Did I lose interest in blogging so soon!? No, I was pocket-picked, that's what happened.. There I was, roaming the mall like any good housewife should.. when a thief dressed up as a pretty lady kneeled down beside my stroller, carefully opened my purse (yes, I know it's stupid and naive to keep the purse under the stroller and expect people to leave it the hell alone) and took my iPhone and wallet. I saw her kneeling down but I didn't think much of it, since she appeared to be looking at some baby clothes on the wall. When I discovered what had happened, my first thought was "I must call P"! But I haven't memorised his number! So I rushed home, well, took the very slow Budapest bus home and then rushed the streets down to our house. I then called P on Skype to let him know what had happened. It didn't occur to me I should have stayed and report the matter to the security. P came home and together we went back to every store I'd been to.. and they were quite a few.. After that we went to the police to file a report. Even though I'm furious, I'm most of all grateful that nothing happened to baby S or me. Those are just material things and you can replace them. From now on I won't waste any more energy on the matter.
The thieving lady is not worth it.

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