Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mom 2 Mom sale

The organization Budapest Moms arrange Mom 2 Mom sales four times a year, where moms can sell used kids clothes and other kid stuff to other moms and dads. In order to clean out Baby S closet and maybe make a few bucks at the same time, I decided to rent a table. I had a good time, it was nice to chat with other mommies. All the kids stuff I had left at the end of the day I donated to a women's shelter. Good riddance!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thank you!

I guess sometimes miracles really DO happen!! I got my stolen wallet back today - everything was still in it, except for the cash! Sending many many thankful thoughts to the honest woman who found it at the mall and then made the effort to go and hand it in to the Swedish embassy. Wow. My faith in humanity has been restored!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Early bird

What a wonderful morning! S woke up 6 am as usual, we got up and let daddy sleep in. While S played with her new toys I got plenty if time to bake some bread for breakfast, throw in a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen (sounds kinda lame, I know, but becomes crucial when you have kids). Now I'm walking around in my ab fab Paul Frank PJ:s, with a cup of coffee in my hand, listening to the soundtrack of "Dear John". Loving this awesome Sunday morning!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Made my day!

I have the best man. That's right ladies, I snatched the world's greatest guy from you! 20 red roses landed on my doorstep. And a card saying I'm a great mom and 'wife'. Made my day. And many days to come.

Chick Flick Marathon

Poor baby S has had croup since Wednesday. Daytime she won't sleep anywhere else but in mama's arms. So what's mama supposed to do, trapped on the couch? Watch as many sugarcoated romantic flicks as she possibly can stand! Yihoo! By now I've gotten through 'Dear John' and 'Remember me'. Both real tear jerkers I tell you!
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