Sunday, 12 August 2012

Love sTORIes

This picture perfectly sums up some of my greatest loves:

* Starbucks
* Glossy magazines
* Tori Spelling 

Yeah - that's right! I said it! Tori Spelling! And I'm proud of it! Well, yeah, sort of.. ehhrr.. (sorry Tori). I confess. I am addicted to Tori Spelling and everything about her (not in a psycho-stalker manner, just in a "the-baby's-sleeping-I-might-just-as-well-watch-daytime-TV" kind of way). It all started when I was pregnant and spent my days roaming the internet for The Perfect Baby Blanket (yes, I actually did that, took me forever and I ended up not buying one anyway) and watching "Tori & Dean - Inn love" on TV. The show is basically about nothing, like most reality TV-shows are, but I got totally obsessed (again, not in a crazy way) with Tori. Now I have seen all of her TV-shows, bought most of her books and I find myself anxiously checking Apple TV for a new season of "Home Sweet Hollywood".. ahhrrgg..

Well - I think I am proud, and I'm gonna say it out loud: 
I LOVE YOU TORI!! (call me sometime, will ya!?)

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