Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tapas & girl talk

Just got back from a dinner for two with my bestie A. My sleepy little hometown got it's very first tapas resto and of course we wanted to try it out! The food was good, the company better. There were only a few free tables when we arrived, still the restaurant was awfully quiet... People were using their indoor voices. I felt like I was entering someone's living room. You know the feeling, like you're interrupting some secret conversation. Lets just say it wasn't quiet for long after we entered. I really miss my friend. She completes me! And she's just like me, and not too many people are. So this night of gossip and girl talk was well needed and much longed for. At 9.30 pm my dad texted me saying Baby S wanted me to come home. And when my baby calls I come running! Even though I was a bit bummed that our fun evening ran short, I completely forgot all about when I entered the door and my sweet baby girl came running to welcome me home..

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