Friday, 7 December 2012

Lionel Richie loves me, really.. he LOVES me! 
I'm talking punch drunk head over heels crazy in love! 
He showed up at my apt last night, drunk as a skunk, begging me to leave my husband for him.. (don't ask me how we know each other or how our worlds came to cross) And it's not the current Lionel Richie we're talking about, but the younger version.. this handsome stud showed up on my doorstep.. 

[Image from Wikipedia]

For some reason I let him in. He continued his sobbing and begging. And then he started singing (no, not "Hello", some romantic love song). It was bad. Seriously, if Lionel Richie shows up in your home and starts to serenade you, you'd expect it to be good. Like an angel just landed in my living room and opened it's mouth. Not like a cat that's being strangled. Just saying.

Anyway, this dream really took me by surprise. Wasn't aware I had young Lionel on my mind.

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