Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jingle bells, jingle bells, glamma all the way!

A few weeks ago, we started hiring a babysitter a few hours once a week. Even though I feel a little guilty over this (I mean, I'm at home all day, why would I need someone else to take care of my baby?), watching Baby S laugh and play with her new friend (who has three times the energy I have btw) reassures me we both could benefit from a little time apart. I think it's good for her not to be attached to me all day long.

This week I I wanted to relax and do something for myself. So I booked a manicure. It was supposed to last 45 min, but after 1,5 hours only one hand was glamorous. The babysitter had other obligations, so I rushed home with my one hand mani, stuffed S in the stroller and walked back to the salon to get my other hand polished. S fell asleep on the way and did mom a huge favor by sleeping through the whole thing.

So mama got her bling on! What do you think? Pretty, ain't it?! It's from OPI's latest collection "Skyfall". Love it!

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