Monday, 4 February 2013

What a weekend!

Today I'm looking back on a great weekend spent in the company of good friends.

I kicked the whole shebang off Friday evening by treating my man to a three course dinner. It was a retro inspired dinner with courses we knew from our childhood. Highly appreciated, I can say.

Saturday evening hubby cooked for me! A two course dinner. That's ok folks, I still love him. He's a great cook, so everything (both two courses I mean) was delicious. Starting to look like ¨Dinner takes all¨ at our place! Really a lot of fun, and perhaps something we could make tradition!

Earlier that Saturday we attended a birthday party, celebrating sweet Mr. P turning ONE! Baby S highly enjoyed herself, and was especially content with the delicious cake! Yumm! Mommy had a good time too, catching up with her friends. Seemed like ages since we talked, but I guess it was only a few weeks. Time goes by slower in the winter I tell you. Can't wait for spring!

The weekend also included a late lunch/early dinner with good friends at our favourite restaurant, Cafe 57 ( The two families, both with kids the same age, made good use of our iPads, entertaining the little ones with Pippi Longstocking and Dora. Hey - don't judge us! If we let them watch a movie once in a while, what's the harm in that?

How did you spend your weekend?

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