Sunday, 13 January 2013

Splish splash

One thing I learned while living in Hungary is that swimming and bathing is holy. There are numerous thermal and turkish baths across Budapest, and most hungarians probably have year tickets to one or more of them. Following our new countrymen, the Grafstrom/Johansson family have made it a tradition to go for a swim on Sunday morning. Most of the time we go to the big wonderful Aquaworld at the Ramada resort.
[image from the website]

Not only is the adventure bath great f, it also offers me a chance to ¨testdrive¨. You see, I really really hate driving. Period. But most of all, I hate driving in Budapest. People are absolutely mad here. Almost all cars you see have bumps and dents, no surprise to me. I really envy my friends here, they swish around in their cars like nothing. Oh, how I wish that was me. But I'm anything but cool behind the wheels. Au contraire, I often panic and make sudden crazy turns and dashes. The only route I feel comfortable driving is the one to our grocery store. But I won't park in the car park, no way. Got too much history with that place. More on that note some other time. 

Mr Mister has promised to make his super crispy and tender wienerschnitzels for dinner tonight, yummmm. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday as much as I'm enjoying mine!


  1. Oh, Emma, I didn't realize you were so scared of driving. I can definitely drive you for playdates, etc. I just moved Paddy's car seat in, so we have the two "big kid" ones. Bless you heart. And i would have never guessed! (My car has approximately 12 scrapes/bumps... all self inflicted). xo

  2. Sweet Meryl! Thank you so much for offering! I will definitely take you up on that offer! Just too sweet! Luckily, you live on my "comfort route", so I have no problem driving to any of your playdates! :) Also, so glad to hear about the scrapes and bumps, I am not alone! :)


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